ARGIRO - Everyday Greek (English Edition)

ARGIRO - Everyday Greek (English Edition) - OUT OF PRINT
ARGIRO - Everyday Greek (English Edition) - OUT OF PRINT
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Product Description

In this book by ARGIRO BARBARIGOU you will find 151 tried and tested recipes for delicious homemade food, desserts and other sweet treats that are failsafe.

Many of you have tasted her delicacies at her restaurant "Papadakis" in Paros island or nowadays in Kolonaki, Athens and many more are familiar with her "creations" through her television daily shows for all major broadcasting channels.

Inspired by her love for the Greek cuisine she is presenting a wide selection of recipes for all occasions with explicit details to help you prepare them. Try her accessible and affordable ideas to dazzle your family and guests every day.

Even if the only thing you have ever prepared in your life is a cup of tea, "Greek Everyday" is here to introduce you to the magival world of cooking.

It is the fifth in a series of books and she has been working on it for the past 2,5 years.

The Book includes:

EVERYDAY MEALS (Accessible and affordable recipes you can cook everyday)

SUNDAY'S BEST (Fancy dishes that make your Sunday meals an absolute feast)

30 MINUTES WONDERS: Quick and easy quality food for the busy bees

KIDS' CLUB: Sweet and savoury recipes that will make your life easier

JOIN THE PARTY: Mezedakia (appetizers) for the most impressive dinner party

CHRISTMAS TIME: Extraordinary ideas for a stunning Christmas table

EASTER MENU: Greek Easter traditional food

FRUIT DELICACIES AND ICE CREAMS: Flavours, colours and aromas that you with a spoon

DESSERTS: Sweet delicacies for every occasion

By Argiro Barbarigou. 335 pages. Hard cover.

ISBN: 978-960-99261-5-6