The Bride of Marseilles

The Bride of Marseilles by Giota Gouveli
The Bride of Marseilles by Giota Gouveli
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The dawn of the twentieth century finds Stavros, a homogeneous merchant of Marseilles, close to the forties and envied for its time property in Athens and Marseille.

On a trip to Greece, married to a girl from matchmaking debased bourgeois family and the bride brings to the French port, one of the cosmopolitan centers of the Mediterranean. The new life starts at home with red camellias, in a garden where beauty blooms, happiness and a guilty relationship with tragic consequences for all their lives.

The guilt, underground but inevitably follows and future generations through the years. One of the parents has brought a curse to the family and woe to anyone who falls. All are equal before the whims of fate. Or maybe not;

By Giota Gouveli. 507 pages. Paperback. Imported. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-605-059-6