Vefa cooks slimmer

Vefa cooks slimmer - signed by the author (limited copies)
Vefa cooks slimmer - signed by the author (limited copies)
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Greece’s beloved tv chef, Vefa Alexiadou, returns with a cookbook that turns tasty classic everyday recipes into slimming versions. In this new book, Vefa meets Harry Papas of THE NEW MEDITERRANEAN DIET fame. His internationally best-selling diet is an easy and effective weight loss program based on the Greek Mediterranean diet and on the foods that Greek families love and eat everyday. Here, the two authors collaborate in order to turn the tastiest Greek recipes into delicious dietary tools.

By Vefa Alexiadou and Harris Papadopoulos. 240 pages. Paperback. 14 x 21 cm

ISBN: 978-618-01-1066-1