We have a Wedding on Sunday

We have a Wedding on Sunday by Yiannis Hanthoulis
We have a Wedding on Sunday by Yiannis Hanthoulis
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... the wedding takes place on Sunday and changes the trip. Traveling on an extended summer a woman in black and her small son. Mother and child mourn a man lost during the war. Information there are only hypothetical bereavement, orphanhood hypothetical.

And now the journey. Long summer trip from Athens to Evros a journey loaded with hesitations and desires. There they face all the dilemmas of life, painful and full of the joys missing them. Above them, an insidious synastry ironic constellations and within all, marriage as an oxymoron incident between mad carnival and tragedy.

The heroes of this story will play and will become entangled in time. At present and in the future, with the tripping of indefinite ... Hence their feelings, intense as ever, will become adults with dangerous speed. Through the eyes of a child and a summer with ingredients of love, passion, death and laughter. Like life itself. And behind all marriage as a pretext serious, with funny innocence.

Now what relationship may have Jordan Makris with the Jordan Leontiou and their mutual longing for travel-adventure, let us leave it to those who share their puzzles and accept the invitation to the Sunday wedding.

By Yiannis Hanthoulis. 374 pages. Paperback. Imported. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-364-934-2