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Readers' award 2011 (National Book Center - GREECE)

Anemolia is a book about the friendship between men as well as escape. At the beginning of the summer, a group of friends from a young age escape with a sail boat, leaving behind all their previous lives. Through the adventures of the trip, the bitter humor, the unforeseen incidents and the back-and-forth memory of the narrator, the recent neogreek …degradation gets revealed as well as the vortex of the country during the past 30 years.

Anemolia, on Homer’s language, are the words of the wind, the unsuccessful, the useless ones. In this novel, where there is a continuous dialogue with the Homeric world, anemolia is the escape from the world of male desperation, the escape from the asphyxiating daily routine but also the thirst for the youth quest and that beauty that abolish time.

By Isidoros Zourgos. 458 pages. Paperback. Pataki publications.

ISBN: 978-960-16-4111-9