Discovering secrets of Mediterranean plants

Aromagarden & Cooking for Wellness (English edition)
Aromagarden & Cooking for Wellness (English edition)
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Have you ever cooked using dittany of Crete, Greek mountain tea or wild rose?

This book presents an original venture that aims to improve our well-being: Far from being simply extras, aromatic-medicinal plants should become the stars in our every day diet and our domestic environment.

Historical information and basic biological data for 15 aromatic-medicinal plants of the Greek land and the Mediterranean region are given, and their components are made, along with reviews of their nutritional use. Moreover their aromas and flavours are described and small secrets about their utility are unveiled. In total, 75 creative recipes (and variations) with accompanying beverages are given, 52 menus are indicated, 11 drinks and 5 original blends of plants for making beneficial beverages are suggested. Lastly their cultivation and propagation and their maintenance is described in a practical manner (basic advice on their care in the field, the garden or the balcony).

This book approaches the scientific knowledge in a simple manner, enriches the Mediterranean diet, opens up new culinary horizons and gives a new spark to the cultivation of aromatic-medicinal plants.

By Maria Stikoudi, Eleni Maloupa, Diamanto Lazari, Nikos Krigas. Paperback. 336 pages. Imported. Krigas publications.

ISBN: 978-960-938-476-6