Before Dawn

Before Dawn
Before Dawn
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Anna, did you understand?

No, the six year old Anna did not understand but she didn’t dare to ask… Anna didn’t dare in general! As she was growing up, she will try to bare deep inside her the sad memories and chase her dreams.

From Athens to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt back to Athens again and in graphical Nauplio, Anna acrobats between the light and the darkness, the wrong and the right, love and egoism, and doubt. She makes it big, she builds and destroys, she wins and losses. She wants to forget the past that hurts her.

And Matias! In love with her from the first day he met her in Frankfurt. Although absent, he never leaves her behind. Almost never…

Dreams, maternity, egoism as well as the final confrontation with her own self knit a story so unpredictable as life can be. And the solution will come at the darkest part of the night, just before the dawn.

By Ioanna Notara. 480 pages. Paperback. Imported. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-605-115-9