Before the Night is Gone

Before the Night is Gone
Before the Night is Gone
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Emily Romana’s life becomes debris due to the murderous fury of a man that the police calls Hunter.

The eminent criminologist Manos Koryzis, in his attempt to trap him, makes a critical mistake and he is later driven unjustly in prison.

Fourteen years later, the Hunter returns determined to complete his paranoid job.

Emily and Manos are allying against him, but their differences seem irreconcilable.

She is now a successful journalist, and has not forgiven him for his mistake.

He, a true beast, carries a soul full of darkness.

The two implacable allies get involved into a relentless manhunt from Athens to the savannas of northern Australia, facing mortal danger that transform the darkness around them into erebus.

The love that begins is dispiriting fragile.

The road until dawn seems long.

And there are many dangers that lurk in the shadows before the night is gone.

By Euaggelia Eustathiou. 644 pages. Paperback. Imported. Livanis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-14-3079-9