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Camp Stories
Camp Stories
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One of the most fun escapes for the children during the summer months is camp. This book has 7 camp stories which take place in the same area but with different characters on each one. In these stories we will meet the child that has a hard time saying bye, the child with racist behavior due to his routes, the “tough” guy of the camp, the child with low self-esteem. An in-depth dive takes place to the psychology of children, on the way they are thinking and behave.

The book lays the following issues:

How easy is for children and parents to say good bye?

Who is responsible for low self-esteem? Can we improve our image?

Bullying. Style or harsh reality? Is there an escape?

My child has an imaginary friend. Should I worry?

Racism. How can we become more open-minded as humans and as a community to what is different?

Child innocence and teenage wildness coexist and excites the reader. Without a doubt, humor is not missing and it is certain that we will all find familiar characters, we will find ourselves. It is about a psycho-graph that will touch young and older persons.

By Fili Dogka. 87 pages. Paperback. Imported. Pigi publications.

ISBN: 978-618-5231-08-8