A Calamitous Passion

A Calamitous Passion
A Calamitous Passion
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In 1978, Thessaloniki, two young students, Hara and Tassos, fall passionately and hopelessly in love. Their dreams of the future fill their lives with goals and aspirations. When Tassos suddenly and inexplicably disappears without a trace, Hara's life crumbles around her. For months the young woman waits for him, searching for any trace of him, but soon with her dreams in ruins and because of immeasurable difficulties, Hara is forced to leave the city and move away. A few years later, Hara erases the last traces of her first love from her life and moves on. Now, as Joyce Drenan, a successful business woman, distant and reserved, and at the age of fifty, she exists… without any love and with great emptiness in her heart. And that is when the much younger Aris enters her life. Hara succumbs to the intense and incomprehensible attraction that sparks between them and, for a while, she lives a dream yet again, however the developments and events that follow will be overwhelming. The irrational jealousy of a former lover of Aris’ will bring about a cyclone of catastrophic events that will irreversibly disrupt and change four people’s lives. What invisible strand connects these tragic beings, young Ari, his father Anestis, Hara or Joyce and Tassos, the missing love of her life, Tassos?

By Nicole-Anna Maniati. 376 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2380-7