Daughters of Hellas 2 - Rift

Daughters of Hellas 2 - Rift
Daughters of Hellas 2 - Rift
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There are certain moments that can change life completely. Not your own life only, but that of everyone around you too. And when that happens, nothing is ever the same. The crisis that breaks out on the political front in Greece in 1843 and continues in the coming years intrudes on the life of a grand family of post-revolutionary Athens. This results in heiress Elisabeth Doukas, a seldom seen figure with the power to change the Athenians’ everyday life, to become romantically confused and to fall victim to a huge “mistake” which will indelibly mark the lives of many with tragic consequences… Filomila Lapata recreates a painting of Athens from 1840-1875 in a stand-alone multi-character, entertaining, and yet, unpredictable novel on the subject of discord: internal, political and romantic. Existential questions, ethical dilemmas and the eternal fight between good and bad surrounding the concepts of identity, nation and family are brought to life alongside a unique storyline and original characters making up the stunning second novel of the author’s historical trilogy THE DAUGHTERS OF HELLAS.

By Filomila Lapata. 384 pages. Paperback. In Greek. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2610-5