Dark Red Silence

Dark Red Silence
Dark Red Silence
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Thessaloniki 1935. Electra shouldn’t have fallen in love with Dimitri, and Dimitri shouldn’t have fallen in love with Electra. And yet, in spite of the different worlds from which they came from, the implacable dictatorship approaching and the war spreading like a storm cloud, their love is at first sight, complete and all-embracing. At a time when everything is changing and darkness rules over light, in a society where brother betrays and kills brother, in a reality where everything – even silence – is determined by the political shade that is given to it, this couple doesn’t hesitate to follow the only path that they can, that which is dictated by their hard. And indeed at any price, with any pending danger, and with the only hope their dream which some want to deny them. Men divided and transformed into predatory beasts in a world, a country, a city, a family struggling on the brink of war. Not only the great war, but also the other kind of war, a dirtier and crueler war, that of the unfair and most heartbreaking of all, the civit war. How many times can life’s clock be restarted? How many times can one go back to the beginning and start again? And just how “red” can the past actually be, when it suddenly intrudes, uninvited, in the form of small, dark red envelopes in the present, upsetting the future…

By Claire Theodorou. 464 pages. Paperback. In Greek. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2634-1