Dark Signs

Dark Signs
Dark Signs
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A mysterious sign at the center of the city, clumsily painted on a wall, so high that it took a ladder to put it up there. So this sign definitely wants to tell us something. It has something to say for the city or the place or, finally, the hero of the book that happened to notice it and hung up on his hope to illuminate the dark mysteries of life? The world and the society against each other, the youth armed with spray, another one armed with bats, a man from Holy Mountain (Agio Oros) and a Warrant Officer, a travel agent, a nurse and a model, two old friends who hate each other, a reluctant widow and an ambulance driver, interlocked and drag the dance around an amateur artistís nightmares who is looking through the meaning of the sign to recover his lost love.

By Alexis Panselinos. 552 pages. Paperback. Metaixmio publications.

ISBN: 978-960-501-584-8