The Daughter of The Moon

The Daughter of The Moon
The Daughter of The Moon
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A strange game of inheritance destroys an entire family, with disastrous consequences. Lefki, the innocent victim of forgotten family genes, lives a life without the love and tenderness from her father, until one afternoon when she learns the terrible truth. Shocked by her family secret, that same night she abandons the small village and the safety of her home, in order to escape her fate. The young girl, feeling the unusual hereditary characteristic weighing her down, attempts to take her life. She is saved, at the last moment, by a couple of tourists, who take her with them and her life is suddenly turned around. Years later, professional commitments make her return to Greece. The memories of her childhood are reawakened and Lefki decides to lift the veil of mystery that covers her birth. The revelations distress and hurt. There are still, however, questions that taunt her and only her father can answer them for her, the man she ran away from when she was only twelve years old. Her childhood fears return but her desire to know the truth is much stronger. Will she finally find the strength, after all those tragic events that changed three different lives, to forgive him? Or will the moment for forgiveness never return?

By Nicole-Anna Maniati. Paperback. 400 pages. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2642-6