The Dragon Armchairs

The Dragon Armchairs
The Dragon Armchairs
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In the wild and most isolated province of the kingdom, two thrones determine the lives of three generations of the lords of the family of the Dragons: Maxim, Valtermar and Matthias, all very different but yet so alike. Beside them stand their wives, at times noblewomen, at others shadows cleverly pulling the strings of their husbands deeds. Power, sex, love, passion, intrigue, betrayal, hatred, schemes, conspiracies, ambitions, politics, wars, tortures, and murders make up the history of the impervious castle of the Dragons filled with well-hidden secrets and built in the most unattainable point of the vast, dark forest. And there, right in the heart of the forest, hides a mythical creature that watches everything but only intervenes when it fears that its land is threatened. A fantastic tale that begins in the frozen North and reaches all the way to Venice and Genova of the 16th Century, bringing along with it the magic from fairytales through to reality. Because today magic continues to exist. Who can prevent and stop the big child that we hide within us from seeking out her/his fairytale land? Who says that people stopped being romantic? Or could it be that in the harsh times that we are currently living in we all seem to have the need for a fairytale, something that will remind us of our lost innocence? Once upon a time... Behind every fairytale, there hides a truth. And behind each truth, lies real life.

By Chryssiida Dimoulidou. 720 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2510-8