Everything A Lie

Everything A Lie
Everything A Lie
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Mersini’s life, up until the age of eighteen, was a carefree journey of insouciance and joy in the pleasant and calm environment of her village. She was the youngest of five daughters in her family, a beautiful and clever girl, filled with dreams and with a future of promise. Then, suddenly everything changed. In a moment her life was destroyed, values were razed, balances were overturned. It was as if someone had cursed her. Every time that something good arose and made her believe that man is born from light, the darkness around her thickened. In some strange way, an invisible hand seemed to drive away all the good and replace it with evil, smothering all hope. That is until Mersini grew tired of searching for the light and surrendered to the darkness, subject to the will of fate, not realizing just how much she had been loved or how blessed she was. It is these blessings that one only comes to realise when s/he has matured and taken stock on her/his life. Mersini, however, never had the chance to do this… And then came Magda… A true story that proves the greatness of love and how, above all, we must love to live and… live to love…

By Mary Papapavlou. Paperback. 456 pages. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2839-0