The Getaway (H Figi) - Audio book - 2 CDs

The Getaway (H Figi) - Audio book - 2 CDs
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Plot Summary:

Anna and Apostolis are two people with entirely different backgrounds who live in the town of Amfissa during the early 50's. The end of the civil war will find them trapped between strict provincial ethics, the fear of facing the unknown and the lingering images of peril and war that still haunt them. The unexpected love between the two of them will become their purpose for living and their escape will be the stepping stone towards claiming their freedom, something that has been restrained or simply postponed for too long. Ultimately, it is the quest for finding courage for life itself and the need to chase a dream, even if that is only a pretext for getting away from it all.

AUTHOR: Soti Triantafyllou


NARRATION: Mary Salliari

ART DIRECTION: Giannis Kampouropoulos

CONTENTS: 2 AUDIO CDs, total time: 100 06

ISBN: 978-960-99747-0-7

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