Good Night Stories

Good Night Stories
Good Night Stories
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Stories for Goodnight

Read to your children stories that tone their self-confidence and their creativity

The book “Stories for Goodnight” offers a unique way to the children to discover themselves and their creativity through easy and fun processes of dialectical thinking. Beyond calming down their worries, the “Stories for Goodnight”, it suckles and strengthens the natural familiarity bond between the parent and the child.

• It includes 20 illustrated mental portraitures, all carefully structured so that they can help the child believe in himself or herself and his or her abilities.

• It starts with a wonderful introduction from professor David Fontana where the most important steps about interactive activities with the children are explained.

• It offers practices and inspired advices about the value of meditation of mental portraitures and the objective for the children.

• It helps your child develop:

o His or her self-concentration

o His or her creativity o His or her self-confidence

o His or her serenity

For Children 4 to 8 years old.

By Anne Civardi, Kate Petty, Joyce Dunbar, Louisa Somerville

Introduction by David Fontana. 144 pages. Hard cover. 19 X 24 cm. Imported. In Greek. Agyra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-422-503-3