Picture Frames for grandparents 5 x 7

Picture Frames for grandparents 8 x 10
Picture Frames for grandparents 8 x 10
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Product Description

Grandparents love and are proud to show their picture frames with the family. Kantyli makes these pictures stand out. Available with the phrases below IN GREEK. Click on the picture to see the details in better analysis. Select the one you like from the drop down menu above.

Grandmother and Grandfather, We love you

Grandmother, We love you

Grandfather, We love you

Grandmother and Grandfather, I love you

Grandmother, I love you

Grandfather, I love you

Each frame comes with a glass front panel that is easily removable from the back to add a photograph. Also in the back is a hook for a hanging and a kickstand for display on a flat surface. 8 x 10 size.

Products made and photographed by Kantyli Inc. Pictures used by permission