Hard Truths

Hard Truths
Hard Truths
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How many truths can a book of fiction hide? It is November, 2015, in Massachussets, USA. Along with her motherís will, a young student, Agnes Markou, will also take delivery of a book. In its pages are all her motherís secrets. Those she never dared to tell anyone while she was alive - secrets of a life that was marked by unappeased passions, raging romances and unresolved crimes. Through Dimitris Dimitriadisí writings, a man who had met and known Theodora Markou as only a few had done and had hated her more than anyone else, Agnes will find herself in Athens in the 1990s and the years of her motherís youth. When the mysterious tale reaches its end, the young girlís journey to Greece becomes a necessity. With her return to the scene of the crime, the dark heroes of the book will take on flesh and bones. But when the truths that are hidden in a deadly story are more than the fictions, then the twists and turns may prove to be fatalÖ

By Elias Moraitis. 408 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2092-9