The Heiress Of The River

The Heiress Of The River
The Heiress Of The River
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1960 A mysterious woman walking along the banks of the Acheron river shares her knowledge with sixteen-year-old Filitsa. The young girl moves to Athens, changes her name to Rosa and builds an empire from almost nothing. Rosa’s turbulent life is marked by great love, intrigue, hate and a dark secret that she needs to protect at all cost, even with her own life. 2017 The murder of well-known Rosa Paleologou shocks Greek society and Christos Varangis, a distinguished investigator is called upon to solve the mystery. As time goes by, Varangis and Lefki, Rosa’s granddaughter, seem to enter deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of hate and deadly enemies. As they search for a solution in Rosa’s past, help come unexpectedly from the spirit of the river. Who is mysterious Lefkothea who emerges from the veils of time and seems to be a creation of immortal waters? Will they manage to solve Rosa’s riddles as she guides them through the works of ancient creators who had praised the imposing Acheron river? A book embroidered with the legends of the river of sighs and its mythical tributaries that crossed Hades. A story that, passing through death, praises life!

By Dimitra Ioannou. 416 pages. Paperback. In Greek. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2668-6