In the path of scents

In the path of scents
In the path of scents
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"What I have brother emigrated non lotteries and passed."

By turning from distant foreign Konstantinos doulas exorcises execute the last will of the deceased father. A few years ago three sisters had sacrificed to steriosoun three famous bridges: the Danube, the Euphrates and Arta. His father will not find anapamo if Konstantinos not go to the three bridges to bring from there a little bit of lime and soil. The street from the Continent as Mesopotamia and the Danube countries is paved with adventures and dangers. Pirates, slavers, theompaichtes monks, taking prisoners, kamilierides, casual love affairs, robbers, Bedouin, hierophants, short but deep friendships, mages, fearful mouths, relentless confrontations, dervishes, oriental lust, dark rites, dens, kidnapping, inhospitable steppes; and within all a love burning coal under the ashes. But even if he manages to escape and go back to the small homeland, waiting for the executioner for a crime committed on the day of departure, the traitor of childhood friendship, mother on the edge of the cliff and fiancee pitched between hammer and anvil.

By Manthos Skargiotis. 552 pages. Paperback. 140 x 205 cm. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-364-943-4