Individual Wooden Spoons

Individual Wooden Spoons
Individual Wooden Spoons
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We sell these amazizing wooden spoons (koutales)individually as well.

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The koutala is a Greek wooden spoon that was used by Yiayia (Grandmother) who yelled at you to behave. Waving this wooden spoon accompanied with a few choice Greek words like, "Tha fas xylo" (you are going to eat wood) went hand in hand. Many people whom see me at Greek festivals with the koutala often recall similar stories.

Kantyli has engraved the most popular Greek phrase onto a wooden spoon to be displayed in a couple of ways. Three more phrases that have to do with cooking and eating. They are as the following: I'm going to boil you, I'm going to eat you and Good Appetite. The new year, 2014, brings a new koutala phrase that basically warns you, Katse Kala, which means 'sit still' or 'behave'.

Each spoon is fourteen inches long and made from Beach wood. The phrases are engraved upside down or right side up so each spoon can be displayed and read. Place these spoons in strategic places in your kitchen or around your house and just wait for the out loud laughter when they are spotted.

Products made and photographed by Kantyli Inc. Pictures used by permission.