The Island

The Island by Victoria Hislop - SOLD OUT
The Island by Victoria Hislop - SOLD OUT
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The top best seller for 2008-2010 in Greece and now a TV-series in Mega Channel. One of the best romantic page-turner novels!

Alexis can't wait to find out about her mother's (Sofia) secret past. She only knows that her mother grew up in a small island of Crete before she left permanently for London. When Alexis decides to visit Crete, Sofia gives her a letter from an old friend and promises her that this friend will reveal the whole truth.

Surprised, Alexis discovers that her family's life is directly related with a small and abandoned island of Spinalonga, an ex-leper colony. She uncovers the stories of her grandmother's and mother's, as well as the destruction of her family from the tragedy, the war and the feelings.

This Greek edition contains a special preface section from the author, Victoria Hislop only for the Greek audience.

500 pages, soft cover, by Victoria Hislop. Dioptra publications. Imported.

ISBN: 978-960-364-329-6