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How many times man is in a quandary?

He does not account the consequences of his actions in the future?

When Philip met Christina, he felt deep inside him that she was the only woman he would ever want in his life.

Eighteen years ago, Christo had felt something similar looking at Eirini.

Sophia was swept from lack of love and tenderness and sank in the dark world of despair with what she lived with Apostle.

What in common these three women have?

What links them with Chris and his wrong choices?

When love knocks on the door, nothing stops its path ... Only fate can correct some errors. Perhaps because the fate has defined a role for everyone. Only the power of love and forgiveness can keep alive Hope to give again ...Life.

How many times he wondered why he does not have the power to change fate, to turn back time, to anticipate events, not to lose her ...

He would see her again with his fantasy eyes right in front of him, alive, smiling, in love, carefree.

He remembered the first time I got the courage to talk to her, he would hear the beating of his heart when he saw her approaching and did not believe in his luck.

That was the crucial moment, he would not let the opportunity be lost once again, he would dare to ask her to meet only the two of them, to express his interest and his love ...

By Ioulia Ioannou. 416 pages. Paperback. Imported. Livanis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-14-3067-6