Love in the Fog

Love in the Fog
Love in the Fog
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A bourgeois family from Imera of Pontos, after the genocide of 1916, finds refuge in a mountain village ofPella. One son, Aristotle Agrippidis, emigrated to America for studies and becomes rich with the blood-stained money of prohibition. He returns to Mikrodentri and becomes the nobleman who builds the church and school at the village. There will come a newly assigned teacher in the late '70s, Amalia Anagnostou, with flame in her eyes and the passion to pass on the knowledge to the children of a closed rural community. Love hits Amalia with the arc of Aristotle Agrippidi descendant. But it is full of shadows and secrets. The fog lies in Mikrodentri as the hidden stories of the people lie on the village. The clear waters of the river are the blessing and the curse of the place ... An excellent novel that runs the backbone of the Greek history of the twentieth century venturing to shed light on the fog.

By Ioustini Fragouli-Argyri. 440 pages. Soft cover.

ISBN: 978-960-496-268-6