Melissia - NEW
Melissia - NEW
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Agape, grande dame of literature, is laying prostrated on her bed in a big mansion at Melissia. In the same place shows up a mysterious assistant who is editing her autobiography, her two children, her daughter’s husband as well as a weird, charming girl. At some point a wall picture above Agape’s head brings back old wounds. What each figure is looking for? What are his hidden intentions? What is truth and what is not? At what level the past determines people’s fate? With theatrical tension and in a confrontational often atmosphere, the “family celebration” evolves unpredictably. Agape’s room gradually converts from a slow boiling scene to a chamber that blows up. A book for the past and the passion, trauma and illness, family “blood” and its own narration.

By Alexis Stamatis. 241 pages. Paperback. Imported. Kastaniotis publishing.

ISBN: 978-960-03-5809-4