Nicky (Novel award)
Nicky (Novel award)
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Once upon a time lived a girl who at 70 days old was captured and exiled to Cyclades.

Once upon a time lived a girl during the occupation of the Civil War – her family was divided in two, but she didn’t for a moment stop loving everyone.

Once upon a time lived a girl that – when she was born – her father was the “heroic workers’ leader” and – when she grew up – he became “the traitor of the working class”. Even though he had never given up on what he believed in.

Once upon a time lived a girl that spent all her teenage years taking part in illegal activity. Hidden in a house, under a fake name, without going to school and without any friends. Because she knew that if the Authorities would find out about her parents, they would execute them.

When this girl returned to freedom, she fell in love passionately, against the will and the tolerance of her family. The girl was called Nicky and she was my mother.

By X.A. Homenides. 492 pages. Paperback. Imported. Pataki publications.

ISBN: 978-960-165-248-1