On the paths of a dream - NEW

On the paths of a dream - NEW
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When Athina tastes the bitter glass of betrayal from the man that she was going to marry, she feels the earth moving under her feet. A trip to the island of Santorini seems like the first step to redemption. Along with her, Artemis, she is a long term friend and Athina's support while will have to face her own demons, when a very well kept secret is revealed and her life changes forever.

From the chaotic pace of the big city to the stationary pace of the Cycladic blue, people with common destiny are trapped in the arena of reality, where nightmares dress up like dreams and dreams are born from the ashes of nightmares, and where the only one who will managed to come out alive, will be the one who wins the most insidious opponent: himself.

By Antonia Velissaratou. 287 pages. Paperback. Gavriilides publications.

ISBN: 978-960-576-024-3

About the author:

Antonia Velissaratou was born and raised in Santorini. She lives between Santorini and Athens. She has attended History of Arts seminars was well as creative writing at Alexander Nterpouli's workshop. Her writings are published in the local newspaper, Santorini times, as we as online, on the website of the local radio station, Top Melody. She has also taken part in the pulbication of collection of short stories from the publishing house iWrite in cooperation with the "Creative Writing Workshop!" The novel "The Trails of Dreams" is her first publishing attempt.