The Passing

The Passing
The Passing
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A winter night in a small island in the southern Aegean with 120 residents, shipwrecked a boat with more than three hundred refugees. Bad weather, bureaucracy, indifference, but also the practical impossibility of the first Authorities of the capital and at the nearby Grand Island, delaying care procedures, registration, control and transfer of newcomers, forcing the two communities to live together for four days. The numeric correlations in conjunction with the pressing conditions set their own rules, reverse data and roles, try until the bitter end on both sides, putting at serious risk the relationships between them. A book for the really big challenge of the season, the inevitably violent encounter different worlds, as evidenced by the ever growing population movement, the limits of humanity, and the inalienable right of all for a better life.

A story about human nature, but its weaknesses and its greatness.

By Konstantinos Tzamiotis. 264 pages. Paperback. Imported. Metaixmio publications.

ISBN: 978-618-03-0485-5