Psychology of Nutrition

Psychology of Nutrition
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Our diet undoubtedly reflects our mental world. The quantity and quality of food, like the way you eat, is intertwined with our emotional state, personality, experiences, but also the social and cultural context. From feeding the food becomes very intense emotional burden - which enhances the enjoyment of eating, but can also lead to problematic situations. Through the psychological approach to nutrition, this book helps the reader to determine the complex psychogenic causes of eating disorders or problems and learn ways that lead to permanent restoration of dietary habits and a healthier understanding of nutrition. The book is addressed to scientists not only the disciplines of nutrition and mental health, but also to those interested in psychology approach to nutritional issues.

Calliope Emmanouilidou is a psychologist with postgraduate studies in Educational Psychology, Counselling in Education and Educational Research. She has a diploma in counseling and counseling eating disorders. She holds a doctorate on the intelligence and talent. She teaches in higher education and works as a psychologist and educator in Thessaloniki.

By Calliope Emmanouilidou. 224 Pages. Soft cover.