The Rose of Alexandria

The Rose of Alexandria
The Rose of Alexandria
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Granddaughter, mother, grandmother… One century, two well-kept secrets and three women with a common destiny. A buried fate comes to light when Lia goes to meet her grandmother at her house in the Attarine district of Alexandria. Danae’s life begins in the dusty streets of Athens in the mid-war years. A great love and her dreams will lead her to Egypt, the land of wonders, and to cosmopolitan Cairo. There, however, she will experience tragedy and loss and so she will continue to Alexandria where she will encounter despair, loneliness, struggle, triumph, passion, war, and madness. Her life will be swept by a storm of events against the backdrop of the splendor of Alexandria, the flourishing Greek community and the villas of the Quartier Grecque, but also the small alleyways of the harbor and its Arab quarter filled with smugglers, cutthroats, brothels, young prostitute girls and eunuch boys. Three generations of women haunted by the ghosts of the past will do whatever they can to meet again in the Alexandria of today, in a city of memory, love, forgiveness and redemption.

By Electra Dikaiou. 472 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1554-3