September of Grief

September of Grief
September of Grief
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It is August, 2004. Rosanna gently laid her dreams so thirsty for life in a mall wooden box along with a shiny red bead and a photograph from Panormos on Naxos Island. And there, Alongside her youthful dreams and the froth of the blue Aegean sea she squeezed in one more thing: a date a long time ago which she had noted down in green ink. She promised to give the box to Alexandros on the day that the schools would reopen, with a teenage certainty that, ten years after, she would be a lawyer and he her favorite best-selling author. However, as she wove her dreams, the minutes ticking by in Beslan were creating a shocking scene and destiny was setting up its own terrifying scenario. In September 2004, the three-day bloody siege and hostage-taking of children in their own school will leave great sorrow and grief behind it. Those who survive will scatter as far as the wind can carry them. In order to continue with their lives they must confront their memories. For this to happen they are forced to walk the streets they walked that morning, to remember the odors they smelled during those endless hours of imprisonment, to hear the flutter of the wings of birds, the sounds of the city when it is awake and when it sleeps. They must stand across from the haunted school and find the courage to look at it. And, because, even when all is lost, hope always remains somewhere out there, will they reach out to try and catch it? Will they allow time to go by so that love may find a way to root itself in their hearts? And what about romance? Will they be able to forget the yesterday, live the today and dream of the tomorrow? Will there be a tomorrow for the children of Beslan?

By Maria Tsakiri. Paperback. 464 pages. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2886-4