Serra - The Spirit of Pontus

Serra - The Spirit of Pontus by Yiannis Kalpouzos
Serra - The Spirit of Pontus by Yiannis Kalpouzos
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Ahead of the mass Armenian flight from Trapezunta (modern Trabzon, Turkey) in 1915, a young girl, thought to have been created by God himself, takes refuge in a strangerís home. In Ordu, at the same time, a girl from a wealthy Greek family prepares for her wedding and tries to imagine her future with a man who she hardly knows. Charismatic, religious and highly ethical Galinos Filonides finds himself caught between two women. He is tried by his ideas and values, he comes up against violence and hate, and he is crushed and forced to seek revenge on the man who brought him so much pain. As a backdrop to the fictional tale, the Pontus is sketched, painted and brought to life. We read of the population exchanges that took place, the racial cleansing that was led with the alibi provided by religion, fear, intolerance, nationalism spread by the Neoturks and then the Kemalists, daily life during the first years of the Soviet Union, the pogroms against the Greeks during Stalinís time, the labour camps in Siberia and the steppes of Kazakhstan with intolerable heatwaves in the summer and unforgiving frost in the winter, as well as the passions, hopes and wishes of the Pontian people. And all this within a turbulent and multifaceted journey that is written by life and one that is written about life, where the twists and turns of the pontian dance, Serra, turn into a sweeping fireÖ

By Yiannis Kalpouzos. 640 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1533-8