The Secret was in the Sugar

The Secret was in the Sugar
The Secret was in the Sugar
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Between 1920 and 1940, Katina grew up in Crete, in a hard yet still innocent world. Her fate, such as that of many women during that period, led her to postwar Pireaus and into Themelis¢ suffocating embrace, a man who could exerted a catastrophic and inexplicable charm on the others while remaining dark and paradoxical until the end. Katina found herself captive in a gridlocked relationship, in a terrible marriage with a man who hid his secrets well. From pre-WWII Crete, through the war, to the refugee neighbourhoods of Pireaus, the novel tells a story of the stone years of Modern Greek history. It twirls furiously around an explosive couple experiencing kindness, harshness, patience and madness, devotion and immorality. It is a fictional kaleidoscope of a difficult age, a novel brimming with images, aromas and memories.

By Tessie Baila. 536 pages. Paperback.

ISBN: 978-618-01-034-8