A Song with No Lyrics

A Song with No Lyrics
A Song with No Lyrics
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Beautiful Stephanie was born under a bright star. Nature had endowed her with many gifts, but that which distinguished itself from any other, was her enchanting voice. Determined, decisive and with great confidence in her talent, she managed to assert herself from very early on in the music world and, at the same time, came to meet the love of her life. For Stephanie there were no boundaries, no borders, no obstacles. Her happiness was absolute. A star on the stage and queen in her beloved’s heart, she reaches the peak of her career. Now she has everything: love, fame and fortune… Yet… the daemon of greed pushes her all the more down treacherous paths. Blinded by the lights of success, she is seduced by the underhanded game of rivalry which, slowly and steadily, leads her to destruction. One by one, everyone who believed in her and loved her is disappointed by her: her husband and their daughter, her teacher, her mother, her brother, her best friend… How easy is it for someone to distinguish what really is important in life? And what happens when Stephanie comes to realize that she has lost everything?

By Fani Pantazi. 552 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1518-5