Swans in Autumn

Swans in Autumn
Swans in Autumn
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When Paulina discovers that she isnít the daughter of the man she knew to be her father and that her mother has a lover, she loses the ground beneath her feet. The only thing that there is left for her to do is to leave the house and the people who hurt and deceived her all these years. She ends up in Giannena, the city with its mythical lake and distinctive charm, in the hope that this will be the place where she can make a new start. What she doesnít know, however, is that may years before a great love bloomed here only to be lost in the chaos of the war, and that its shadow continues to haunt and to affect the young woman and her luck. On the same shores of the lake, where Paulina now walks hand in hand with Stergios, a nurse and handsome soldier, injured in the snowy mountains of Albania, used to take their walks during the war. Two stories bound by a silver thread, like the silver swans once embroidered by a young woman in love. A love scarred by the horrors of war, the greatness of devotion, the daring of the brave, and the expectation of salvation.

By Fani Pantazi. 416 pages. Paperback. In Greek. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2646-4