Talking to my daughter about the economy

Talking to my daughter about the economy - Varoufakis - SPECIAL ORDER
Talking to my daughter about the economy - Varoufakis - SPECIAL ORDER
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Anyone who cannot explain in simple words difficult concepts to young people simply cannot understand them well enough himself. This applies both to black holes at the end of the universe and in that black hole of debt and bank losses. This book strives to present a narrative about the economy where the daughter of the writer will not be bored, and which at the same time, would explain two things: how our modern world emerged and why the theories of economists are part of the problem - and not the solution - generated by this world. It poses, and answers, challenging questions, such as:

- Why the British colonialists invaded Australia, and not the Aborigines to England?

- When and how the primacy of profit was born?

- Why there would never be wealth without debt?

- Where is the outrageous power of the bankers coming from?

- What is behind the financial crises?

- Is there hope that mankind will cease to function as a fool virus that kills the organism in which it lives?

- What is money and why it "needs" democracy?

Although it does not focus on Greek everyday life of the last, sad years, the book deals with big issues of the social economy that reach all people, everywhere, but in a way that however the reader wants, he or she can use that to see with different eyes the recent collapse the Greek economy and the reasons why the rulers stubbornly refuse to take decisions which would bring redemption of our societies in Europe, in Greece, in the whole world.

By Gianis Varoufakis. 207 pages. 14 X 20.5 cm. Paperback. Patakis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-16-5544-4