The Teardrop of Love

The Teardrop of Love
The Teardrop of Love
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“Look around you, grandfather… Look at our vines shedding tears, look at how their tears are flowing… Without those tears, they would all be dead… Those are tears of life, grandfather! You are the one who showed me everything! I’m not afraid of tears of love, however bitter they may be. For he who never cried over something he desperately desired has never truly felt his heart beat. He has never lived!” An unexpected inheritance leads Thomas Leontidis from the comforts of his London apartment and his beloved job to the countryside of southern France. A thick, leatherbound notebook, with his name written on the cover, will reveal to him the past of his family written in black ink… In May, 1914, a man is forced to turn his heart to stone as he prepares to leave his beloved homeland, the Pontos, in order to escape to Greece. Will he make it? Will he be able to save his children and his wife? In March, 1963, a bad omen seems to be hanging over the Greek town of Drama as a matchmaker brings two brothers against each other as they contest the heart of the same woman. In September, 1974, a murder will leave its mark on everyone’s lives forever. Set against a setting of unbounded vineyards and old wineries, wine tasters and the intoxicating aroma of brilliant red wine, a story filled with love, passion, revenge, tears and romance unfolds…

By Lia Zotou. 512 pages. Paperback. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1092-0