The treasure of time

The treasure of time - NEW
The treasure of time - NEW
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... Most of the time drinking and slowly drinking, I was listening with ten ears these stories, whether genuine or fiction, they were interesting to me that I was looking to get away from my story. I only had on condition: he who said them had to be a good narrator, to travel you elsewhere and excite your imagination. Then they made me want to tell myself a story. But I, you see, I prefer writing them ...

A novel about the loss. Losing not only a human, but also the absence that comes next. A story between illusion and the wild reality. An adventure leading to the search for and acquisition of a treasure.

Could this be the treasure of time?

By Menis Koumantareas. 477 pages. Paperback. 14 X 20.5 cm. Imported. Patakis publications.

ISBN: 978-960-16-5912-1