Unforgivable Mistake

Unforgivable Mistake
Unforgivable Mistake
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Margarita was just eight years old when her parents sent her to work as a housemaid at a grand home in the city. At thirteen years old, her employer took advantage of her, and after taking her child, threw her out on the street. There, she accidentally came across her talent in dance and made it her vocation. She became a dancer in a cabaret. And so began the lonely journey of a woman struck mercilessly by fate itself. She never gave up, though. Everytime she fell, she would get up with tenacity in order to gain the esteem of a ruthless and unforgiving society but also so she could find her lost child. Her life was a forest of men who loved her, taught her, fooled her and betrayed her. In the midst of the forest, the tallest tree impelled her never to stop her journey. So Margarita succeeded in acquiring everything she desired: fame and fortune. In doing so, however, she didn't invest in friendship and love, and that was a mistake that life never forgave her for making.

By Giola Damianou Papadopoulou. 464 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-2848-2