The Waves of Nostalgia

The Waves of Nostalgia
The Waves of Nostalgia
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Tife of the doctor Peter Emmanuel completely changes when blame for the death of a little girl.

After a shocking revelation that overturns everything, decides to leave the family and place it, without suspecting the paradox game propped glee fate. Only true love manages a moment to soothe his wounds, to redeem him from himself and help him to recreating life in faraway New Zealand!

The sudden call of his daughter, after twenty-three years, forcing him to return to Greece and to confront everything that happened to his family while he was absent.

Lime hatreds unseen secrets, ardent love and travel to the ends of an exotic world are living mosaic of Peter, as self and purification maps in solo trip! And end to show that the conflict of man with his destiny and his own deeply hidden truth marks the crowning moment of redemption.

By Elsi Tsoukaraki. 432 pages. Paperback. Imported. Psichogios publications.

ISBN: 978-618-01-1275-7


ELSIE TSOUKARAKI was born in Cairo and grew up in Athens. From a young age she had a magical way of communicating with words. She studied German literature and loved playing with foreign languages. She is a teacher but never fails to find time to become involved in translations, short stories and scenarios. She has two daughters. Today she teaches German at the private Arsakio Schools in Athens and she considers herself fortunate to be surrounded each and every day by children and adolescents.