Waltzing with 12 Gods

Waltzing with 12 Gods
Waltzing with 12 Gods
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One night in the rain, a heavy braking and a pile. Broken lights in the asphalt and four drivers allilokoitazontai and blaming each other. Kostis, Marina, Hope, Natalia ... So it all began ...

Twelve months afterwards.Full of twists, tears and laughter for all four opponents started, became friends and went on to surpass even that stage. Made for each other, the "now", the "today", the "forever". Like the twelve gods of Olympus, which once determined the lives of ordinary mortals, so are those twelve months sealed their fate.

Twelve months. Twelve gods. Nominated. Ordered. Executed.

A contemporary novel about human relationships, friendship and love!

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ISBN: 978-960-274-884-8 552 pages. Paperback. By Lena Manda