When the Clouds are Gone

When the Clouds are Gone by Anna Galanou
When the Clouds are Gone by Anna Galanou
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Christina and Alexis. She, famous TV presenter, he, wealthy businessman. Happiness is a dead letter in their relationship and their paths follow different directions. A couple with a lot of secrets. Everyone carries their own dark past. Suffice a turn of fate to confront with their destiny.

Costas. Loving, romantic and deeply in love with Christina. One option lonely man with great sensitivity, searching true love. A man who loves casual not concern him.

Elina. The woman who makes a major upset in the plot of the story. When appears in the foreground, everything changes immediately.

Fani. Her mother Christina and touchstone of history.

Did some things accidentally come into our lives or a higher power brings our way? Can destiny be pulling the strings of the universe, to guide our lives and define our future? How difficult is it to anyone escape? How far man can reach when claiming his true love?

The five characters of the book followed paths that were never imagined. All write their stories, in the foreground when you leave the Clouds.

By Anna Galanou. 552 pages. Paperback. Imported. Dioptra publications.

ISBN: 978-960-605-027-5