The woman to obey the man?

The woman to obey the man?
The woman to obey the man?
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“The wife to obey the man.” What does it mean to obey him? And why obey or be afraid of him? Every woman has her own personality, her dynamism, and can be independent. But I realized this late and after 13 years of married life passed by. It was my fault! I should have stepped on his toe from the moment the priest said those words. So we can see if the gentlemen would dare to eliminate my rights as a woman and my need to live the essence of a beautiful life.

The book of Velia Kingdom Kirkou is a surprise at the novel work not only because women are fond of it but also because men like it, a difficult audience that usually reads history and political books.

This novel describes with humor the life of a modern wife and mother of two children, along with the day to day issues and worries, along with the little pleasures. Illustrates very clearly the strong friendship between two women, but also how can a woman accomplish and realize her dreams, without any help from her husband, especially when he does not recognize her values.

The writing of the book flows so comfortable and so beautiful that drifts you and travels you without realizing it. You will feel very close with the protagonist and perhaps the reading will help you to find a solution or to learn how to face similar situations in your life.

By Velia Vasileiou Kyrkou. 272 pages. Soft cover.

ISBN: 978-9963-9951-0-3