You can become a chef

You can become a chef - ETTORE BOTRINI
You can become a chef - ETTORE BOTRINI
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The book of Hector Botrini was awarded with the "GOURMAND WORLD COOKBOOKS AWARD 2012" in the category "Best Chef Cookbook".

This book is a nice tool for our daily cuisine that will make our smile shine on our faces . I bypassed whatever was possible, anything I considered it was unnecessary to have in a cookbook, like scarce materials, cooking techniques that require expensive professional equipment, complex preparation methods, generalities and chatter about the literature of cooking. For me the challenge was to pick some of the daily and favorite dishes, to talk about their ingredients and to explain about the methods that you need to know so that you can make it on your own at your home, without any unknown words and obscure techniques. In the kitchen all have to follow common sense and the spirit of economy, which nowadays is more pertinent than ever.

By Ettore Botrini. 255 colorful pages. Soft cover.

ISBN: 978-960-14-2553-5