10th Edition of Folktales Festival Program

10th Edition of Folktales Festival Program - in Kea, Greece - June 26 - June 29th, 2012


Thursday 26-7-2012


“The conspiracy of natural elements” Exhibition to mark the 10th Anniversary of the Folktales Festival in Kea, with rare material collected since 2003. The exhibits include works of renown Greek artist and honorary member of the Folktales Festival Organization, Alekos Fassianos, created especially for the Festival, as well as pieces by artists: Roula Alifragki, Katia Varvaki, Nick Gabriel, Elia Κarela, George Korasidi, Georgia Lazarus, Evangelia Lemu, Thanasi Neta, Maria Economou, Ismini Samanidou, Giota Sotiropoulou, Nick Christoforaki, George Xionatou, Christian Kotey, Eva Gren. Artistic design – Construction of dioramas: Georgia Lazarou. Planning – Documentation: Giorgos Evgenikos / Cultural Centre «Stylianos Restis», Korissia / 21:00


“From the four cardinal points” Our musician friends, brought in by the sea breeze and the love of tales from the four cardinal points will take us on a nostalgic journey to their distant countries through a musical canvas made of country music, Spanish flamencos, Arabian melodies, opera pieces and traditional Greek songs. Music: Antonio Chincoa (Spain), Bedioui Lamia (Tunisia), Daniel Gorney (USA), Kristin Groven Holmboe (Norway), Panagiotis Koulelis, Loukia Konstantatou, Konstantinos Baltazanis, Jiannis Psimadas, (Greece). Storytelling: Sylvia Venizelea, Giorgos Evgenikos, Anthi Thanou, Niki Kapari, Manya Maratou, Dimitris Prousalis. Moderator: Giorgos Laios / Cultural Centre «Stylianos Restis», Korissia / 22:00



Friday 27-7-2012


“Storytelling Circles” Open storytelling in four storytelling circles. Every circle offers its hand to anyone who wants to share a story, adding it to a storytelling maypole. Entries should be submitted to the coordinators of every circle up to 20 minutes before starting. Coordination: A, B storytelling circle: “Storytelling School”: Anna Dendrinou, Georgia Lazarou, Elina Menounou, Katerina Nakou, Maria Pantou, Emmanuella Papakonstantinou, Chrysanna Pappa, Ioanna Fragiskou. C storytelling circle: “Fairytale Voyagers”: Maria Kanavaki, Andreas Raftopoulos, Hrysa Porihi. D storytelling circle: (Μultilingual): “Storytelling School”: Andreas Michailidis, Bedioui Lamia / Mylopotamos (Orangery of the creative activities center, Cafe “Varadi”) / 12:00


“Tales of love” “Loves me, loves me not…” Is it a question? Is it a thought? Through stories sweet and bitter we seek what love means… Storytelling: Sofilia Tsorteki. Music: Roza Aggeli / Poisses (Beach)/ 20:00

“The dragon” There was a dragon and a dragon he remains / that dragon will be slain. The knight will kill him dead, the knight a lovely lady held. A story for those who still believe in dragons, and in the hero that lives inside their heart. Storytelling: Katia Kantouri / Poisses (Beach) / 20:30

“Stories from the 9 continents” Stories from exotic places full of the colors of a setting sun… Storytelling: Praline Gay-Para (French, Arabic, English), Manya Maratou (Greek) / Poisses (Beach) / 21:00

"Love stories" We’ll meet the garden-woman and we’ll learn how love reached the hill where a ghost lives. Storytelling: Sophie Joignant (French), Nora Campa (Greek) / Poisses (Beach) / 21:30

“Wealth and the wise man” A Sufi story about a man who didn’t have anything… Or did he? Storytelling: Amir Mirzai (Persian), Giorgos Evgenikos (Greek) / Poisses (Beach) / 22:00

“Star dreams...” A journey to the stars through ancient Greek myths. Storytelling: Niki Kapari. Music: Giannis Psimadas / Poisses (Beach)/ 22:30



Saturday 28-7-2012


“Olympic myths” Stories of Olympic heroes from ancient Olympia to the London Olympic Games. Storytelling: Nora Camba / Vourkari (Kindergarden)/ 12:00

“Tales of clay” How were the first clay creatures and objects created? How did a prince fall in love with a clay doll and how many secrets do a crock and a jar hide? Pitchers, jars and jugs dance around the traditional tales. The storytelling will be followed by a workshop on clay. Storytelling – Workshop: Sylvia Venizelea, Georgia Lazarou. / Vourkari (Kindergarden)/ 12:30


“Tales hung at the edge of the lips” Tales about the origin of stories, the world of storytellers, about truth, falsehood and the turning of words. Storytelling: Dimitris Prousalis / Ioulida (Benjamin Fountain) / 19.00

“Strangers and surprises” Many things can happen when you welcome a stranger into your house… Traditional Norwegian folktales about hospitality, greed, stinginess, gender roles, kindness and love. Storytelling: Nina Næsheim / Ioulida (Benjamin Fountain) / 20:00


“Odyssey book 24: the land of the dead, the fields, peace” “Cinematic” storytelling, a story full of mystery, pathos, action. Contemporary oral epic, rooted in tradition, conversing with the sound of the drum. Storytelling: Manya Maratou / Ioulida (Grove theatre. Beneath the Town Hall Square) / 22:00


“A Thousand and One Nights...”, “Tales of Halima” Love and infidelity, friendship and betrayal, poverty and wealth, luck and misfortune: all pairs of opposites create a canvas on which Scheherazade weaves her stories. Storytelling: Anthi Thanou Music: Panagiotis Koulelis / Ioulida (St.Charalambos Square) / 23:00


Sunday 29-7-2012

“Tribute to the Βrothers Grimm”


“Βrothers Grimm” Presentation of photographic material from the life of the Grimm brothers, engravings from their books. Original models based on their fairytales. Artistic design – Construction of dioramas: Georgia Lazarou, Planning – Documentation: Giorgos Evgenikos / Simultaneously with the other events of the day.


“Tom Thumb” The adventures of a small, tiny boy who dared leave his home and face two robbers, a cow and a wolf! / Storytelling: Christina Dimopoulou. Guitar: Alice Vrekou. Production: “Mythos” creative team / Vourkari (Kindergarden) / 12:00

“The devil with the three golden hairs” Injustice, jealousy, as well as luck, land a boy into countless adventures and lead him to confront even the devil himself, in order to save his life and win the heart of his beloved. Storytelling: Maria Vrachionidou / Vourkari (Kindergarden) / 12:30

“The crystal ball” A hero faces giants, finds magical objects, finds himself and the strength to chase after love. Storytelling: Eleanna Gerontopoulou, Nausica Kapsala, Vassiliki Psarra. Production: “Mythos” creative team / Vourkari (Kindergarden) / 13:00


“The Grimm folktales” Anna Aggelopoulou (social anthropologist–writer) “Rumpelstiltskin: the names of the ΄unexpected helper΄” Maria Vrachionidou (linguist–folklorist) / Vourkari (Kindergarden) / 14:00


“The golden bird” A prince travels to the ends of the world to find the golden bird who will save his father and bring happiness to all. Will he succeed? Storytelling: Stella Kasimati Otzias (St. George) / 19:00

“Cooking with the Grimms” Much like good recipes and good, aged wine, the Grimm brothers’ fairytales provide us with flavors and scents from a time when people’s language was simple, vivid and colorful, the stuff of tales and of good food. Storytelling: Ilias Giannikopoulos, Giorgos Evgenikos, Giorgos Laios. Lyrics: Aspa Papadopoulou. Music composition: Ilias Giannikopoulos. Art direction: Giorgos Evgenikos. Production: “Mythos” creative team / Otzias (St. George) / 19:30

“Grim/m stories” Folk variants and songs of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire. Some truly “grim” tales that keep a certain balance between comedy and tragedy, dealing with poverty, blackmail, foolishness, wisdom and bravery. Storytelling: Birgit Lehner (English and German) / Participation: Sylvia Venizelea/ Otzias (St. George) / 20:15




“To the storyteller of our childhood” On a golden cloud, wearing his “magical vest”, the famed “Storyteller” Nikos Pilavios comes to the Folktale Festival and brings back images of our childhood – images of reverie that overwhelm our memories since 1978, when he first entered our houses and our hearts through fairytales. It is for those memories that we thank and honor him. / Vourkari (Kindergarden) / 22:00


This year the Folktale Festival completes “10 years of life”. 10 years full of music, images, scents but mainly stories, which make the mind and soul travel, which carry dreams and make people’s hearts lighter… We will remember moments of this 10-year road. We will listen to messages by storytellers, artists and scientists from all over the world, who have participated in the Festival. We will honor the volunteers as well as the folk storyteller Stefanos Lepouras for his 10 year participation in the Festival. And so we blow the candles for the 10 years of the Festival and we wish it…many happy returns! Let the party begin! / The closing ceremony will be held in collaboration with the cultural association “Simonidis the Kean”. There will be dancing, traditional music, snacks and wine. The dance groups of the enterprise of public benefit of Kea Municipality will be present and they will present traditional dances of the island under the supervision of Ioannis Servos / Vourkari (Kindergarden) / 22:30

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