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These coloring books are fun for everyone! Click each item for more details.

This section is dedicated to coloring books, babies books and pre-school material including fun stories. Selected titles for your precious little one!

Cardboard booklets with soft edges for the safety of your little one.

Puzzles are another fun way to teach your kids the Greek alphabet or the map of Greece. Our puzzles make excellent gifts.

Top section: Coloring books

Mid section: Smart Pre-School materials with realistic stories. These books can help your kid(s) prepare for new situations like going to the doctor or learning to share with other kids.

At the bottom: A new series that cultivates with sensitivity the positive way of thinking to the kids as well as being optimistic for the different situations they encounter on their daily lives. Due to the positive way of thinking, kids become more creative, more tolerant, more generous, more successful on what they do, more happy and more healthy.