The 12 Gods of mount Olympus

The 12 Gods of mount Olympus - eBook
The 12 Gods of mount Olympus - eBook
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How would you feel, if youíve learned, that Chicago belongs to California, the White House is blue and Niagara Falls are located in the Gulf of Mexico? For sure, you would not like it!

As a Greek I donít like the way that the 12 Gods of Mount Olympus are presented. In this book, you will read the way that my teachers taught me the gods, my grandmothers narrated me the gods and my ancient Greek ancestors wrote about them.

The true facts are that the gods of Olympus were 12 and not 13. Learn, that were 6 gods and 6 goddesses and not 7 gods and 5 goddesses.

Through the 68 pages of this book (36 colorful), you will learn all the major myths of each God and Goddess. You will see their major symbols and you can practice with some fun exercises. This manuscript will help you to learn the 12 Gods of mount Olympus and Greek mythology.

By Dimitrios Mastorodimos. 68 pages. INCLUDES WORKSHEETS for practice on each God/Godess.

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