15 Fables from Aesop - Audio Book (CD)

15 Fables from Aesop - Audio Book (CD) - SOLD OUT
15 Fables from Aesop - Audio Book (CD) - SOLD OUT
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The mighty lion, the cunning fox, the lumberjack, the proud wolf, the hunting bear, the milkwoman: these are some of the main characters described in these "15 fables...". Short stories carefully selected from the historic story-teller's legacy of myths, these Fables tell the sories and adventures of a variety of animals with human attitude and speech, not so different from the actual human itself. The moral outcome at the end of every story makes it more vivid and more up-to-date. Can anybody see through these tales and heroes, and maybe find a familiar character, now existing? Aesop tells the story; we will listen!

A short info on Aesop:

Aesop was an ancient Greek story-teller. He is considered the founder of what we call today "a parabole" , or "allegory". All we know of his life, is that he was born in a Greek colony in Asia Minor, then enslaved. He gained his master's respect and eventually earned his freedom. He is the most popular among ancient story-tellers, and a master of the so called "educational mythology". Historians say that he did not write a single word from his myths, as he was illiterate; he dictated them to other scribers.

For more info visit http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aesop

1 CD audio | Duration: 41'40''

ISBN: 9789609974721


Narrators: Argiris Pavlidis, Mary Salliari, Katerina Girgis. Feat. Giannis Kampouropoulos. Artistic Supervisor / Director: Giannis Kampouropoulos Sound engineering / editing / mixing / mastering: Panos Asimenios Original music score: Giannis Kampouropoulos CD layout: BLISSPROJECTS | Visual Communication (www.blissprojects.com) CD authoring and printout: DIGITAL PRESS HELLAS

This audiobook was recorded from September to November 2011.

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